My.Computer.Info: OS; Memory Available; Platform; Culture
   Sub Info()
      Dim osfname, platform, osversion As String
      Dim memavail, virtualmem As ULong
      Dim sgci As System.Globalization.CultureInfo
      memavail = My.Computer.Info.AvailablePhysicalMemory
      virtualmem = My.Computer.Info.AvailableVirtualMemory
      osfname = My.Computer.Info.OSFullName
      platform = My.Computer.Info.OSPlatform
      osversion = My.Computer.Info.OSVersion
      sgci = My.Computer.Info.InstalledUICulture
      Stop ' look at your locals window
   End Sub


System.Globalization.CultureInfo (object sgci) will likely be different depending on which country you live...

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