ServiceProcess example
   Public Function ServicesInstalled() As Boolean
      Dim svcs() As ServiceProcess.ServiceController
      svcs = ServiceController.GetServices()
      For Each svc In svcs
         Console.WriteLine("{0} ==============", svc.ServiceName)
         If svc.CanPauseAndContinue Then
            Console.WriteLine("{0,15} Can Pause and continue ", svc.ServiceName)
         End If
         If svc.CanShutdown Then
            Console.WriteLine("{0,15} Can shut down", svc.ServiceName)
         End If
         If svc.CanStop Then
            Console.WriteLine("{0,15} Can Stop", svc.ServiceName)
         End If
   End Function


You may need to add System.ServiceProcess as a reference

Look at the object brower for ServiceProcess.GetServices for many other things you can do with this class, such as Start, Stop, and ServicesDependedOn which is "The set of services that this service depends on"

Sample output

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