Behold--Look what I have for you here!
-Random.Next(max integer+1)
-Random.Next(lower integer,upper integer
-boolean IsMatch(input string)
-boolean IsMatch(input string,startat integer)
-boolean IsMatch(input string,pattern string)
-object Match(input string)
-object Match(input string,startat integer)
-collection Matches(input string)
-collection Matches(input string,startat integer)
-collection Matches(input string,pattern string)
Create a control at run time
-Control Width
-Control Height
-Control Size
-Control Text
-Control Locate
-Control Size
-Control Text
Working with text files
-Opening a text file
-Closing a test file
-Write to a textfile
-Read from a textfile
Alone in a sea of non-programmers
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