TextureBrush example
 Private Sub TextureBrushExample()
    Dim g As Graphics
    Dim p1 As Pen
    Dim dr = Application.StartupPath
    Dim fn = dr + "\philmap.png"
    Dim i As Image = New Bitmap(fn)
    Dim tbrush As New TextureBrush(i)
    g = pb1.CreateGraphics()
    p1 = New Pen(tbrush, 25)
    g.DrawLine(p1, 30, 50, 275, 190)
    g.DrawLine(p1, 30, 250, 275, 10)
  End Sub

Window display of the code above. TextureBrush uses a graphic file which maps to the line, which is shown below.
This is philmap.png which I used to define the BitMap Image that is given to the TextureBrush as a parameter
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